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    • Problems in finding clothes for tall people in Singapore
      By Ema · Posted
      Hey E    My house mate has the same problem too - he's close to 2m in height. What sort of clothes are you looking for?
    • Advice on serviced apartments in Singapore? (The Sail, 1 North Bridge, etc.)
      By Ema · Posted
      Hey Misu I personally have lived at The Sail before, and I think it is lovely. Great location, and a really short walk (5 mins) to Ann Siang Hill where there are bars, cafes, and really good restaurants. 
    • Cost of living rising fast in Thailand
      By Bluecat · Posted
      Inflation rate is close to 0% in 2015, officially. As for the internet, it is come and go indeed.
    • Are we the only ones with nightmare with CTH?
      By Dixie · Posted
      Thats the most sensible statement I have heard in a long time.
    • Are we the only ones with nightmare with CTH?
      By METHOS · Posted
      Well, one could argue that a lot of things influence culture, including laws. That said, however, I found that the driving/traffic in China was very different from that in the west. I didn't immediately scratch this up to cultural difference, because I knew that the laws were different and that local law enforcement in China just didn't seem to spend their time enforcing traffic laws...that, and there were just so many more people in Guangzhou than I had ever seen, coming from the midwest. And, although the traffic in China was extremely crowded and chaotic, it all seemed to flow somehow. I think, if people in the west experienced the same kind of traffic volumes and chaotic driving where they live, that road rage would dominate and people would kill each other. I didn't see this kind of reaction while I was in China. People just went with the flow and didn't take things so personally, if at all. Anyway, it's easier for people to deem something as stupid when they give too little thought to something...which seems to be the case, most of the time, with most people.