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    • Finally identified a good quality power strip in Thailand
      By Morlar · Posted
      It's pretty much the same everywhere. Even our 'beloved' British brand Tesco Lotus is knocking out potentially dangerous complete crap in their electrical departments. To illustrate here are a couple of pictures I took today in my sister in law's office, note these are Tesco's own brand product. . . And on the other end. . .
    • Discovered our father has secret family in Laos after he passed away
      By METHOS · Posted
      Sorry to hear about your father. Cer­tifi­cate of No Impediment/Affidavit of Sin­gle Status is required for marriage in most countries, including Laos. However, it would be wise to find out, for sure, if they were actually, legally married.
    • Where to get an abortion in Thailand?
      By lostinisaan · Posted
       f it has to be, please try to contact a nurse from the local hospital. Don"t let a pseudo doc do a questionable job.    And there're plenty of them. Best of luck. Or become daddy and give the kid to an orphanage.       When I was young I said yes to two abortions in an European country, which was highly illegal at this time.    Considering that my gf had sex with plenty GI's, which was finally the reason that we drove to Holland where they did it.  Would I be in the same situation now, I'd never go for an abortion again. At the second time she's already in the third month. It might be my Karma that my Thai wife couldn't have another baby.     Think twice, as there plenty of people who wish to have children and would adopt a child. 
    • Cambodia how's it compare with rest of South East Asia
      By METHOS · Posted
      ​Surely, you agree, that, if some people took the time to educate themselves by reading about Cambodia's history, the genocide, the horrific acts of war, the age demographics and lacking education etc., then they might begin to understand the current state of social disparity and be less inclined to make such wide, sweeping generalizations. Unless, for you, understanding is just naturally absorbed through the sunlight or something. Do you describe mentally disabled people as the most stupid kind of people? Hopefully not...because you are educated and understand that there is a valid reason for their differences.
    • Discovered our father has secret family in Laos after he passed away
      By Curious · Posted
      Our father has recently passed away. He was born in Laos but is an Australian citizen. He had a business in Vientiene and has been traveling back and forth for 5 years. Our mother didn't join him as she worked in Aus.   he recently died and we have discovered he has a partner (potentially wife) and a young child. we are concerned that this woman will try and come after the family's assets here in Australia and have discovered secret bank accounts where money we thought was invested in the business has been transferred to Laos bank accounts.  Where does our Mum stand with the law? Does this woman have any legal rights to his business assets in Laos or family assets in Australia?