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    • Where to get an abortion in Thailand?
      By Bluecat · Posted
      People should sure remember, besides other things, that abortion is illegal in Thailand. Don't do the crime, if you don't want to do the time...
    • A curious phenomena with other Farangs
      By Split the USA · Posted
      If someone goes out of their way to be friendly to you, I don't understand why you wouldn't reciprocate.  Their reason shouldn't matter; it's just common courtesy.  How do you make friends, ignoring people all the time?
    • Where to get an abortion in Thailand?
      By METHOS · Posted
    • Where to get an abortion in Thailand?
      By Morlar · Posted
      It's noteworthy that this topic is now the number one click puller to Xpat.Life from Google i.e. in the list of clicks and search phrases bringing people to XL, 'abortion in Thailand' is consistently at the top of the list.
    • Renting in Mukdahan
      By Morlar · Posted
      The Frenchman is renting a big place from us for 7800/month (internet included). Different city but the point is you can rent substantial properties for next to nothing if you steer clear of Phuket or Bangkok et al. Often the difficulty is having ears to the ground locally to find out where these places are available. Single room apartments with AC are everywhere in every city if you're looking for something shorter term while you look around. for a few thousand a month.