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    • Skype caller-ID problem
      By kamikaze · Posted
      This is just regular Skype calls to a landline at a cheap rate. I have the option of setting my caller-ID as my mobile number (they send a verification message) or leaving it blank. Obviously it's better to have a caller-ID for most purposes.
    • Skype caller-ID problem
      By Morlar · Posted
      So you've subscribed to a fixed number with Skype? If so, which country is the number associated with? Unrelated to this topic, I thought I'd mention I haven't used Skype for years. However, I recently had reason to call a company in the UK and it appears to be impossible to call freephone numbers in the UK from overseas using fixed line and mobile phones, so I turned to Skype as it's apparently possibly to call freephone numbers (for free) via Skype, and it worked!
    • Maximum stay in Philippines on tourist visa?
      By l&mfarms · Posted
      what about over 50???
    • Skype caller-ID problem
      By kamikaze · Posted
      Weird. When I call overseas, the correct number is displayed.
    • Need Advice - Dating Vietnamese Woman in US
      By BlahBlahBlah · Posted
      I was going to make the same point about Viet Kieus in the UK. Those I know who have fully embraced British culture understand that abject shows of wealth is generally considered to be rather vulgar. The rest see flamboyant shows of wealth to be proof of their supposed success. The Vietnamese that enjoy showing off their wealth are generally the ones who have it. Staying at a 5* resort on my recent trip to VN really showed how brash and vulgar the Vietnamese really can be.  The only comparison I can make is how newly wealthy Russians used to be.