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    • Going to start working in Hong Kong
      By stumpy · Posted
      And if it all sounds too good to be true it usually is too good to be true...
    • Going to start working in Hong Kong
      By Stocky · Posted
       That all sounds too terribly good to be true.
    • Going to start working in Hong Kong
      By METHOS · Posted
      Daily expenses are what you make of them...could be $0, could be $100,000. Since everything is going to be paid for, you can save all of your money if you want to. Anyway...this sounds like a scam. Are you paying the agency to find a job for you?
    • Requirements to register my baby with my Vietnamese girlfriend
      By Pippo · Posted
      Hi to all. Please can any one here had experience in registering their baby with their vn girlfriend. Is the DNA really required. ? Thanks for the response in advance.
    • Going to start working in Hong Kong
      By dimsandy · Posted
      Hello, I am sandesh aba chavan from India. I have applied for Hong kong Qmas visa. Its in approval stage. I am very sure that I will get it. I am working in architecture field. After getting visa I will definitely having a good job opportunity in my hand. Here one job placement agency is going to find job for me in h.k. They told me the company will pay me around 60-70 thousand hkd per month. As well as they will offering air tickets,meal,accommodation, medical insurance. I will like to know how much will be the expense Daley or monthly!!! How is life in Hong Kong, its my first time in abroad for job or travel. So all kind of suggestion are welcome!!! Wating for reply!!!!