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    • Self-service check-out machines
      By Morlar · Posted
      This was one of my pet hates in the UK. I just can't stand those damn machines, and the computer that tells you time after time that there is an 'unknown item in the bagging area, call for assistance'. It's really, really infuriating to be forced to use them and I really can't see the point if there has to be someone on hand all the time to assist. It's absurd. It's right up there with being caught in an endless cascade of sub menus and more sub menus on automated call handling systems.
    • Self-service check-out machines
      By kamikaze · Posted
      I noticed the self-service check-out machines at Waitrose were avoided by all (as they are at Central in Bangkok) but WH Smith at Heathrow force you to use them. What a freaking hassle! Your hand wobbles and your item gets scanned twice and you have to cancel everything and start over. Unsurprisingly, they have someone stationed near the machines to help everyone. This is progress??
    • What's wrong with the UK?
      By kamikaze · Posted
      Destitute migrants, coming soon to a town near you...
    • Titled property in the Philippines vs tax declaration?
      By METHOS · Posted
      Ambot nimo. Where are you looking? And what do you mean by tax dec property? I know there are a few listing on olx from time to time. Your best chance may be through word of mouth, though. If you're looking for a lot (edit: large amount) of land, then you're probably going to be paying a lot.
    • New Zealand's government is taking submissions for new designs for its national flag
      By Dixie · Posted
      Totally agree M