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    • Travel-friendly smartphone!
      By hotcaptain · Posted
      I'm abit skeptical about second hand phones.   Had a bad experience once - phone died 2 months after
    • Social issues in UK
      By Dixie · Posted
      Well put BBB. I dont watch TV much, but there was a British program on here in NZ that caught my eye. It was called 'Skint'. Of course it was a program made for TV and you only get the most extreme parts fed to you, but my partner was horrified. She was not horrified at the way the people behaved, altho that was bad enough (blame the TV camera's) but she could not get her head around how these supposed poor people had houses, massive TV's, smoked, drank and could afford to buy drugs, furniture, washing machines etc etc...... She asked me "How can they be poor"?. Its hard trying to explain to some one that grew up with literally nothing and was dragged around the country by her parents while they looked for work until she was 8 years old, living in what she calls 'Camp sites" ie no house, family sleeping in the same room on the floor, you guys know what I am talking about. So I,m with you BBB, I have little to no sympathy.  
    • Travel-friendly smartphone!
      By Morlar · Posted
      If you want a 'good' throw away phone you might be better trying to pick something up second hand.
    • Skype caller-ID problem
      By kamikaze · Posted
      This is just regular Skype calls to a landline at a cheap rate. I have the option of setting my caller-ID as my mobile number (they send a verification message) or leaving it blank. Obviously it's better to have a caller-ID for most purposes.
    • Travel-friendly smartphone!
      By hotcaptain · Posted
      I'm looking for a smartphone that I can use as a back-up when I travel. I don't want to spend too much in case I lose it. Anyone have a good one in mind? My budget is ard SGD250.