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    • New Zealand's government is taking submissions for new designs for its national flag
      By Morlar · Posted
      In 2002 I returned to the UK for a couple of years. The town I lived in had a trickle of a river running through it. On one side of the river was (is) a car park. There was a bridge over that river for cars to access the car park. The car park was height limited, only cars could use it, not even a Transit Van could pass the height limitation. . . On the car park side of the bridge was a small recycling bank i.e. the sort of place Mrs Average goes to put her husband's beer bottles in the brown bottle bank. The only vehicles that could ever access the tiny recycling bank would be 17.5 tonne waste disposal vehicles, and even then at a real squeeze. . . For whatever reason, the local council decided the bridge must be reinforced to accept 44 tonne vehicles, at significant expense to the tax payer, even though there was no possibility of a 44 tonne vehicle ever accessing the car park. So, one must conclude that some phuker, somewhere, made a lot of money out of the tax payer. Just one of many examples. More examples available upon request.
    • Titled property in the Philippines vs tax declaration?
      By skychasen2 · Posted
      This doesn't appear to be the most popular subject here!
    • Best Place to Live in the Philippines
      By skychasen2 · Posted
      I would be worried bout the current situation with the moose lim groups. If they don't get what they are demanding they are likely to go on a killing spree like they are known for. I still vote for Cebu for all the previously mentioned reasons.
    • Asians abroad - Do they ever stop that V-Sign thing?
      By Morlar · Posted
      My son appears to be picking up some habits from his sister. . .
    • Recommend an orthodontist in Bangkok please
      By chingy_ · Posted
      go to Rama9 hospital, they have orthodontist there.