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    • Shipping Container Homes
      By TizMe · Posted
      GBP130k to build - I wonder what it would have cost if "normal" construction methods were used? 
    • Shipping Container Homes
      By Stocky · Posted
      The final building from the Grand Designs episode above, used 4 containers, cost GBP130k to build.
    • Thai Elite Visa Good or Bad
      By Morlar · Posted
        Does being an 'Elite' visa holder somehow exempt you from all the other paperwork hassles in Thailand? I don't think it does. Funnily enough I never see anyone singing abut how great it is either. I think those that jumped on when it was first launched many years ago were too embarrassed to tell anyone they had one. I honestly don't see any value in the visa, married or unmarried. You want a limo, jump into one of the many services available for walk in customers. You want to play golf? Well, go play golf. You need an Elite visa for that? My last annual extension took around ten minutes. So, what does the money buy you, 15 or 20 minutes at immigration? ฿100,000 annually? Yeah, value if you fly daily and would otherwise use the banknotes to light cigars. Yes, but the money is still yours. How did this small but significant point evade you.
    • Problems re-entering Singapore because of unpaid taxes?
      By Noah · Posted
      Thank you once again TizMe for your reply. I really appreciate you giving effort to help me out. As in my case, I was terminated and was given 2 weeks notice. IRAS sent me a demand letter for payment. It was also included in the letter that my former company will have to share for my tax but it was a minimal amount, which I recalled to be only 200 SGD. The last conversation I had with my HR, I remember them saying that the 200 SGD amount I mentioned earlier was deducted from my last salary. They told me that it would be paid to my tax and it was the share of the company. They added that it was standard that it be deducted from my salary. They did not hold my last salary. I don't know why but I presumed that they know for a fact that I will seek another employment and will try to pay it if I get employed again, which I tried but wasn't fortunate to get one.         Thank you Bazzoir for sharing your experience. I think you have a point and maybe it's also possible that if I try to get back Singapore, they will let me in but won't let me out if I leave without paying. I only wish to clear things because I don't really want to have a bad record in SG. I may not be able to get another job there, but I would definitely want to bring my family for a pleasure trip someday.
    • Methodologies For Learning New Languages
      By METHOS · Posted
      Just curious about what approach you all use for learning new languages and/or what you find works best for you...e.g. rote rehearsal, keyword method, mnemonics, spaced repetition with flash cards etc.? When I was studying Chinese, I started with pinyin pronunciation. From there, I focused on core vocabulary that I deemed essential for basic communication e.g. the most important words and built on from there. Once I was able to structure sentences together, I would write them out, swapping words to create new sentences etc., while learning new vocabulary in an effort to communicate other, very common and useful phrases. It wasn't until I actually started to study the character sets that I actually felt the need and saw the true benefit of writing things out, over and over again. That said, many polyglots and linguists swear by mnemonics and other methods, shunning the rote repetition methods that are often taught in schools. However, some methods just do not work well for some languages. Although I feel immersion is key, I do feel that traveling to a foreign country is no longer necessary with things like Skype and such. I purchased several sets of index cards and a box the other day, with the idea of making flashcards. I spent a great deal of time cutting the cards in half to make better use of space, only to later discover that there are programs like anki that allow me to study anywhere, anytime, without the need of having to carry along my flashcards or spend hours creating them. Decks can be downloaded and shared for all sorts of languages. I can even run the program on my smartphone. Needless to say, it is very helpful and I highly recommend it. Anyway, I find that flashcards are useful and allow me to recognize foreign words when I see them...but recalling them and/or having to recreate them from memory just isn't happening yet. I think writing things out may work better for me. I did try my hand with some mnemonics, and it does work very well...when applicable. Watching movies with foreign subs/dubs is great, but I still find that the most valuable resource is good, old-fashioned language exchange with a native speaker of the target language. Finding someone on Skype or the like that wants to improve their English and is willing to help you learn their language in return really is the best, IMO...at least until we're able to hook our brains up to a computer and download whatever we want to learn in an instant.