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    • The differences between the UK and the US - by an American
      By kamikaze · Posted
      This one has gone viral. http://www.theladbible.com/articles/american-tourist-s-facebook-post-about-england-has-gone-viral-and-it-s-brilliant * There are hardly any cops or police cars There were when I was a kid! * Nearly everyone is better educated than we are LOL. * There are no guns * If someone buys you a drink you must do the same LOL. * Excess cider consumption can be very painful LOL.
    • Question from a new move-in to Singapore
      By TizMe · Posted
      There are some scams in Singapore home rentals. http://www.scamalert.sg/scams/home-room-rental-scam.html Follow the advice on the link above.
    • Question from a new move-in to Singapore
      By XuDong · Posted
      This Rental is a lot lower than other I have view. Can I know if there is anything I have to clarify with the agent before I commit. Is there any hidden subject in Singapore that one must clarify?


      Thanks in advance.
    • Sending money to Vietnamese woman for English lessons
      By Irishuluk · Posted
      Well I plan on a trip to Saigon some time in feb 2016. I plan on retiring soon so I have a pension and social security. Combined it should be  $1800.monthy. In Vietnam it should work out. We talked about children, although I love children, I've raised 4. She has no children and no parents. Her Parents have passed and left them a house in the country. She has a brother and sister both older. She watches the brothers 3 children as the brother and his wife reside in the same home. The older sister married, resides in Saigon. But we've agreed no children... So it will only be her and I. It's funny  we're still jockeying for position on where we should live. I wouldn't mind a change of pace living somewhere else.  Vietnam has its ups and downs but there's many good things, life is minimal,  I'm well aware of that,  but I've lived many places and in most need little to comfort me. Yet I realize Dai has a friend down the road from me. ( they introduced us).     saddle up!   Lol
    • Sending money to Vietnamese woman for English lessons
      By METHOS · Posted
      Meh. I retract my previous statement as well.