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    • Castaway Island: The party island from hell
      By TizMe · Posted
      IT STARTED as all good horror travel stories do: An exotic location, a group of respectable travellers and a rushed decision in the heat of a polished sales pitch. What should have been the highlight of our two weeks in Vietnam, a trip to Halong Bay, was probably the low point of my life to date, far surpassing the time I ate some melting ice pre departure in Borneo and spent 14 hours teaching a plane full of people the meaning of the word misery. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/travel/travel-advice/castaway-island-the-party-island-from-hell/story-fni0bfk0-1227468392831 A less than glowing recommendation to go on this tour... Worth a read if you enjoy someone else's misery :)  
    • Photos of your world
      By kamikaze · Posted
      Playing with my new phone.
    • Thai-Farang Baby
      By Morlar · Posted
      Still likes to get all Kung Fu when he sees a stick. . .   . . . and still impossibly cute. . .  
    • Photos of your world
      By TizMe · Posted
      I had a date with two lovely ladies for lunch today at The Waterfalls Restaurant in the Villa Escudero, a couple of hours drive south from near the city of San Pablo. http://www.villaescudero.com The novelty restaurant here is in the middle of the stream that runs from the overflow of the dam, so you dangle your feet about ankle deep while you eat. The second pic is the younger of my two dates ( Ms Tiz's 5 year old neice )  
    • Bye-Bye LCCT Hello KLIA2
      By stumpy · Posted
      As I use KLIA2 fairly regularly I find it reasonably good. Looking a bit jaded in places as the newness wears off but okay on the whole. I transit both ways from Oz to Vientiane.  3 hour transit heading to Vientiane and 7 hour back. Okay as I usually have a good book, wander around have a coffee or 2 and a meal so all in all good for me. I do have to pick my travel days as not all flights from Oz (Gold Coast) to Vientiane are connecting flights. But the immigration is no problem and get through okay and then off to.the next flight.