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    • Photos of your world
      By Stocky · Posted
      We've had the Indonesian Haze hit us on and off the last month, yesterday and today it's been fairly bad. First photo was taken in March, the lower one today.
    • Foreign Spouses of Vietnamese Visa Waiver
      By britmaveric · Posted
      Less than a tenner for a year - pretty good bargain compared to regular visa costs.  Perhaps an ID card or something?  Not sure how passport control or the airlines would figure out to prove one is eligible.
    • My wife left to Thailand with our baby and never want to come back again
      By Morlar · Posted
      Pardon me but what does this topic have to do with Pattaya, Vietnam, or the US military?
    • Foreign Spouses of Vietnamese Visa Waiver
      By Morlar · Posted
      I thought a visa waiver is something you don't have to get because you're waived from having to get it? So it's a sticker in your passport that's basically a visa but they say it's not a visa? A free visa? These are often bilateral arrangements but If I've understood it correctly, the UK could sure learn something here i.e. there is no need and no justification for making close family pay heavy financial penalties, and jump through lots of silly hoops for years, when the net result will always be the same.
    • Sending money to Vietnamese woman for English lessons
      By xlogger · Posted
      Love to help you ..