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Are Kiwi Women The World's Most Sexually Active?

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According to Sexologist Dr Michelle Mars, New Zealand women are the most sexually experienced in the world.

Her recent report shows that your average Kiwi bird has 20.4 sex partners in a lifetime.

Before we proceed any further with this rather surprising statement, is there anyone out there who is able to define in plain English exactly what a 'Sexologist' is?

Do they simply dole out their recommendations to reactivate the sex lives of dysfunctional couples, or do they also undertake 'surrogate' type duties, like stimulating and getting a leg over a flatlining bloke, with the purpose of bringing him back to sexual stability.

Dr Mars certainly comes down hard on N Z blokes, saying that they are actually to blame for the 'high' number of partners.

Quote; 'The men aren't very good at picking up women unless they are really drunk. [Does she mean male or female, or both?]

'What happens is that women are more likely to ask men for sex as men are to ask women. I think that's quite positive. More of a gender balance.'....[Yup.]

I've never been to this small country at the back of beyond, were the 4 legged inhabitants outnumber the 2 leggers, so I'm not qualified to comment on the matter. But having just consumed my cornflakes and had a sudden vision of your average drunken Kiwis copulating,it was almost inducive to vomiting.

I've certainly seen some prime examples of Kiwi capabilities. During a couple of years in Aussie-land, which included a 6 mth stint at a bauxite mine at Gove,NT, there were some corkers 'working' there.

In fact when the 'dry' canteen eventually went, 'wet,' they never turned up for work most of the time. And as far as I know were eventually sent back to Darwin.

I wonder what that Dr Mars looks like.... :doh:

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skydiver777 - wonder what that Dr Mars looks like....

You can see her pictures in her old blog. Not much activity there it seems. Her other new website is also not operating.

And this is what she calls her hoax-website.

I like such women, who put such stuff on the internet. If she is for real, she is a woman who likes fun and sex and is not hateful against men.

Kiwi women have more sex

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