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How Much To Pay Domestic Helper In Hong Kong?

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Could someone give me an idea how much maids cost in Hong Kong?

We plan on living in Stanley, Aberdeen or perhaps an outlying island. We have a 2 year old daughter and would prefer someone with experience, especially with children.

Are all maids in Hong Kong Filipina, or are there Europeans willing to work as maids?

Do they work 5, 6, or 7 days per week?

Are they available part time (for cover on the other maid's days off)?

What are the other costs involved, on top of the maids salary?


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A Filipina maid will set you back 4000-5000 HK$ per month. Personally, I would feel like some kind of evil s#*t if I paid a good maid less than 5000 per month, bearing in mind that they spend almost all of their time with your family, particularly when children are thrown into the mix. Currently, the minimum wage is set at HK$3,480 per month.

Check out the government website, which provides detailed info on the requirements. I'll dig out the link later when I have time, although you should be able to find it in the Hong Kong Expat part of this website.

You will have to pay some kind of insurance for your maid and cover their expenses if they become ill.

They will be eating your food... don't be mean and chastise them for that. Let them have Sunday off, Filipinos love to meet their friends in Central on Sundays.

You will have to pay for their flight home... flights to the Philippines are cheap and a good maid will make you happy to send them home for an annual break.

Use an agency... it really is the best way to go, that is until you have the knowledge of the way things work in Hong Kong to go about it yourself.

Words of advice... I've heard stories of rapid breakdown in relationships with maids because the employees didn't get the dynamic right from the start...

Decide early on if you want your maid to be an employee who is confined to her room when not on duty, or if you want your maid to be your friend who sits in front of the TV with you at the end of the evening.

Don't forget your maid is a human being... buy them their own TV and VCD player if you'd prefer her to stay alone in her room and leave you in peace.

I would suggest you make her your best friend... slaves hate their masters.

I just found that link BTW...

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