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    • Cost of living rising fast in Thailand
      By kamikaze · Posted
      172 baht today.
    • Are Thai girls really so bad in marriage?
      By PerfectDays · Posted
      @Kdub I really enjoyed your perspective above; and I agree that one has to be coming to Thailand for the right reason - having a holiday and making a new life (sea change) are two very different things and if not properly considered (and researched) can lead to disappointment, frustration or worse! In the same breathe I'd like to thank the the veteran members on this site whom freely share words of wisdom and advice. I very much enjoy and get a lot of value out of reading your views; the candid way in which you all write and express yourselves is great - it gives many newer members (including myself) a refreshing reason to pause, stop and think about our views/questions on the topic of Thailand before posting - it's like having teachers whom you admire and respect but at the same time knowing that they don't tolerate stupidity and naivety. My lovely Thai wife and I have a 10 year plan (well actually 6 left now) which we are executing in the hopes that a the end of the plan we are in a position to permanently relocate our lives to Thailand. I am definitely no starry eyed dreamer to think that once in Thailand it would be all beaches, shopping, restaurants, beer gardens, going out every night - a constant holiday. Although a little now and then is definitely would not be out of the question. My/Our decision to relocate is based primary on the cost of living ie based on a foreigners currency (Australia); supplemented by local business which we hope to have setup by the time we relocate to Thailand. I also have a strong willingness to integrate with the Thai culture (with the understanding that the bad comes with the good) and hopefully also do some good for our local community (a smallish village 30 minutes from Korat). I would recommend to any new member thinking of the same to spend some time reading through words of wisdom contained in many of the threads on this forum, do a little research on the internet yourself or even consider visiting your local Thai consulate for any idea of what you really want and then, when you're armed with a basic and solid foundation of knowledge in the area of Thailand you are seeking, post your question and views so that those that know best because they are actually living it and/or have experienced it can comment or give you real life advice and not just a quote out of a glossy sales brochure. A warm thank to all members on this forum for continuing to provide your views and in many instances very entertaining reads!!   Alan
    • New Zealand's government is taking submissions for new designs for its national flag
      By Dixie · Posted
      ....and after people who want their say have spoken there is still no gaurantee that it will be pushed through so it could end up being a complete waste of time and money and the flag wont change anyway. Personally I am not a Kiwi, my only thought on it is they need something without the Union Jack on it, I,m English and I dont like the Union Jack, I dont feel the need to be lumped in with the jocks, taffys and paddys....
    • New Zealand's government is taking submissions for new designs for its national flag
      By METHOS · Posted
      Here you go...this, or a pile of burning money on it.  
    • New Zealand's government is taking submissions for new designs for its national flag
      By stumpy · Posted
      I see 4 designs have been chosen for people to choose from. Then in around March next year the choice is between the chosen one and the original flag.